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HTML Email e-commerce template - Responsive + Perfect rendering (Unlimited Licence)


You won’t need any other e-commerce HTML template anymore!

  • Fully RESPONSIVE HTML template with INLINE CSS ready to be customised and sent!
  • Perfect rendering across all email clients and devices -  Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo Mail!, Outlook and MORE (all the tricky ones fully covered) :) ! See my complete LITMUS test here. 
  • Template fully optimised to support the 3 DARK MODE types, specific implementation to support more invasive colour scheme changes with The Full Color Invert and Partial Color Invert caused by some email clients with dark mode option switched on.
  • Fully ACCESSIBLE template with specific code added to supports screen readers, your audience will be able to listen your email and reach a complete target market.
  • INTERACTIVE effects added to bring more fun to the user’s inbox and to create a more engaging email.
  • Inlined version supported by all EMAIL SERVICE PROVIDERS! It works perfectly with all the Email Marketing Services Providers (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, Adobe Campaign, Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Shopify, Oracle Responsys, Sendgrid, Wordpress, Zoho Campaigns, Drip, MailerLite, SendInBlue, Campaigner, GetResponse, Moosend, Mailgun.. and more!)
  • Simple code for a wonderful email design! Email layout structured in modules, easy to be used and personalised. You will just need to change your copy content and personalise the template with your images :)
  • E-commerce Email template layout divided into: Header, feature/hero banner, body copy, Call to action, column layout staked in mobile (2+3 columns), footer with social icons and inclusive of all important information.
  • Heaps of fun!


  • Fully responsive email template
  • Perfect rendering across all email clients and devices
  • Easy to be used with any ESP thanks to the CSS inlined
  • Code optimised to support all the 3 Dark Mode settings
  • Email fully accessible - email optimised for people who use assistive technology to access the email inbox
  • Web font added to personalise your brand
  • Retina display imaged optimised at 2x of the resolution
  • Image blocking optimised email with styled alt text (for email clients that block email by default you will see a styled and full of content email in case of image blocking turned on)
  • Interactivity added with fun hover effects to keep your users engaged with your email content - give FUN to your emails!
  • Pre-header/Preview text inbox hack supported by all the email client inboxes - with the latest updates available
  • Rounded Buttons specific code to support Outlook old email clients.
  • Fully commented code to easily create new snippets/modules.
  • Perfect support and rendering across the trickiest email clients (Old Outlook version and Gmail App)
  • Support the latest discoveries in the email development world
  • Template constantly updated with the newest finding in the email development scenario
  • Unlimited Licence (So the template is yours! Go and spread your wings into the magic email world) :)



Desktop - Dark mode


Mobile - Dark mode

Template fully tested across all email clients with LITMUS (Download all the screen tests here - 9MB file size)

LICENCE: Allowed Use


Allowed Use: The template can be used for unlimited project, multi-clients or multi-products. This is a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence.

If you require an extended licence to re-sell the email template, please get in touch at

Licence info:

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For any questions, info or curiosity about the email world feel free to drop a message at - I can’t wait to hear from you!! :) 

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* Fully responsive email template with Perfect rendering across all email clients and devices * Easy to be used with any ESP thanks to the CSS inlined and the user-friendly snippets fully commented * Template fully optimised for Accessibility, Dark Mode, interactivity, Web Fonts plus images optimised with alt text styled * Newest updates from the email development world.

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HTML Email e-commerce template - Responsive + Perfect rendering (Unlimited Licence)

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